Dog Boarding

When it comes to pet care, we know you want the best for your dog. When you need a place for your dog during an overnight or extended stay, the staff at Golden Wood Kennels is here for your peace of mind.

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Accommodations Include:

  • Clean, spacious, 24sq ft indoor room (with heated floors) connected to a 64sq ft outdoor patio area that your dog will have access to 24-7.
  • Climate controlled building.
  • Guests will enjoy a recess twice daily in our large exercise area.
  • House keeping services 2 times/day (just in case they go potty before the next recess, we wash the bedding for no extra charge.)
  • Room service twice a day to ensure super clean rooms.
  • Catering to your dog’s diet by feeding the meals you provide. Your dog is fed twice daily at 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM each day they are staying with us.
  • Elevated fiberglass beds.
  • Soothing music that creates a calm, peaceful atmosphere.
  • Larger runs with XLG flaps available for larger breeds.
Dog Boarding in Chambersburg, PA

Additional Services:

  • Bath (Always includes washing bedding. No discount for not washing)
    • We always give the bath just before you pick up so that your dog is smelling fresh and clean for the ride home!
    • < 29 lbs - $30
    • 30-59bs - $35
    • 60-89 lbs - $40
    • > 90 lbs - $45
  • Hair Brushing $5 - required for longer, thicker coats
  • Nail Trim $15 (only $5 when scheduled with a bath)
  • Dewclaw Trim $5
Dog Boarding Services in Chambersburg, PA


Per Day $29.00

AM Pick-Up or PM Drop-Off
50% ($14.50) Discount for that day.

5% Discount for boarding more than one pet. (Example: 2 dogs - $27.55/day per dog)

10% Military Discount
(Must show ID to receive)

10% Discount on all stays 30 days or more

Discounts cannot be stacked, Maximum of 10%

Medication Administration:
First pill administered FREE of charge.
Additional pills, or any eye drops, ear drops, insulin, etc.
$1.50 per administration

Additional charges may apply for specific administration and/or specific care instructions.

After hours Pick-Up/Drop-Off:
$30 per pet
Only if a staff member is available- Must be scheduled

*rates subject to change without prior notice


  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

PA Dog License
(Not required for Non-PA Residents)

Optional Extras:

  • Nature Walk $15
    • (15 minute walk around the property)
  • Dog Cuddling $10
    • (10 minute one on one time with a staff member)
  • Email Photos $1.50 per picture sent
  • Facetime or Skype $10.00
    • (10 minute session)
  • Frozen Treats $2 per treat
  • Scrambled Eggs $3 per meal (2 eggs)
  • Purina One Chicken and Rice Dry Food $1 per meal
Sunroom Suite

Sunroom Suite

We now offer a sunroom suite! This suite is a spacious 255 square foot climate controlled sunroom with 24/7 access to a 480 square foot fenced-in play and potty area. The suite is separate from the runs which offers the benefit of a more quiet stay for those elderly or anxious pets! Dogs in the sunroom suite have a panoramic view of the property and can enjoy their favorite shows on our flatscreen TV. Pets staying in the suite will receive the following amenities:
  • Two feedings per day at 7AM and 7PM, as well as catering to your dog’s diet by feeding the meals you provide
  • House-keeping services twice per day to ensure cleanliness
    • In the event of any accidents, all bedding will be washed free of charge
  • Panoramic view of the property offered by many large windows
  • 24/7 access to outside play and potty area
  • Ability to watch their favorite TV shows on our flatscreen TV
  • Optional add-ons such as nail trims, baths, nature walks, one on one time with staff, etc.